Abri-form all-in-one diaper 3600ml XXL1 3600ml

Modern all-in-one incontinence pad with a three-layer anatomically shaped absorbent core, quick dry distribution layer, soft and curved anti-leak cuffs, elastic threads in the crotch area, textile back sheet and wetness indicator. Thanks to a specially designed absorbent core, MoliCare® Premium Form offers maximum leakage protection through high absorbent and holding capacity. MoliCare® Premium Form has a high retention, supports therefore skin health, and provides high wearing comfort. Easy to apply with elasticized fixation pants (MoliCare® Premium Fixpants).

Male product for urine and fecal incontinence – moderate level. Can be applied for bed-ridden and mobile persons.

Dermatologically tested.

Units/PKT – 28/pkt