biomedical waste bins colour coded

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Bio Hazard Red Bag – Liner – 500 x 600mm

Our 25 liter Biohazard Bags are designed for the safe collection and disposal of biohazardous and infectious waste. This includes, full sharps containers, bandages, anything soiled with human bodily fluids such as blood. These products are designed for and sold into Hospitals, clinics and doctors offices, so you can feel secure that they will hold up to the rigors of use and protect you and your love ones in a home use application. Bottom of bag is X-Sealed for a curved bottom with extra FDA required puncture resistance

Large Capacity Red Biohazardous Disposal Medical Waste Plastic Trash Bags


(1)LDPE  or HDPE material

(2) Available in various sizes, thickness and colors.

(3) Printing  can be done in Gravure printing


(4) It is biodegradable in nature.

Material: 100% Virgin LDPE/ HDPE
Thickness 20 um  to 100um
Popular Size: 20” x 30”;  40″x 48″ or customized
Color  Yellow OR  Red


  • 60micron