Halyard N95 Duckbill

R37.00 Ex VAT

  • NIOSH-approved
  • 4-layer construction
  • Soft inner lining
  • Protecting healthcare staff since 1997
  • 100% natural rubber latex-free
  • 100% of HALYARD FLUIDSHIELD N95 Respirators have been cleared by the FDA as a medical device—unlike many N95s or KN95s that have received a temporary Emergency Use Authorization for the COVID-19 pandemic
  • All HALYARD N95s are Made in the Americas, unlike suppliers who rely on supply from Asia
  • Available with safety seal
  • Designed to provide an effective facial fit
  • Straps are bonded, not stapled to the mask – Malleable, adjustable nose wire for a customized fit
  • Easy storage, folds flat without crushing