Surgical reinforced gown

AFH Surgical Sterile gown
AFH sterile surgical gown, Non-woven fabric gowns, Polyethylene film gowns
Description: Surgical Gowns (M & L) – Sterile with Hand Towel (Non-Woven Box of 50)
High risk reinforced
Material: Non- woven latex-free, polypropylene long sleeves with cuff- Body 54 g. Reinforced in the chest and forearm areas. Bacterial barrier efficiency and each grown has 2 disposable paper towels. Packaging (unit/box)
Functionality/ Performance: AFH surgical sterile gown Required to prevent infection.
Purpose: AFH surgical sterile gown is used by the Surgeon to scrub for the patient in a theater.
Available in Large (L), Medium (M), and Small (S)